Flexispy reviews

With internet threatening to spoil our children’s innocence at every web page, there is the ultimate need to preserve them from getting sidetracked from their goals. Confronting them on their possible explorations into internet is definitely not going to yield a favorable or a positive solution. You need to know if your child is definitely on the verge of jumping into the wrong side before you take any step. Trust me you don’t want to be wrong when you confront your teenage children. So, to make sure that you are there for your children, and to get your peace of mind on what they do while on their phones, you need an intelligent spy software like the Flexispy.

Let us dive deeper into the Flexispy product and see what it brings to us, whether it is the right choice for monitoring software or not.

Flexispy – is it the ultimate solution?

Flexispy is definitely a solution to all your spying or monitoring requirements but does it provide you the exact solution you want is the leading question. The software does provide you with the call recording facility which is not found in any other leading spy software package. But is the call recording facility alone enough to decide that this is the best solution? There are also features and other elements that have to be factored in before arriving at this conclusion. Let us delve deeper.

Different versions

There are 4 different applications or packages offered by the Flexispy namely,

  1. Extreme – a dynamic all encompassing and all powerful package.
  2. Premium – includes all major features and is quite affordable.
  3. iPad Spy application – an app designed exclusively to target iPads.
  4. Password cracker – now you can easily crack any kind of password or password pattern in a snap.

If you look for the oldest and most experienced spy software in the industry, you will only come across one name – Flexispy. Of course the software has improved over time, refreshing its control center to match with the modern day requirements and adding on new features every day.

Supported platforms

Whenever you select an app for y our phone, you need to first check how compatible it is with your phone’s OS. Most of the product from Flexispy, whether it is for an Apple device or an android, the program is constantly updated to stay in line with the current OS requirements of these devices.

As of the New Year 2017, the Flexispy app supports the following platforms quite easily,

  1. Android devices (tablets and phones) up to the OS version of 5.x
  2. Supports up to iOS 9.0.2 for all iPhones and iPads.
  3. Version 7.x is the OS to which it supports Blackberry
  4. HTC smart phones
  5. Symbian from Nokia

It would be better if you have the target phone or device is installed with the latest OS before installing the spy app.

Subscription packages

The Flexispy software offers two packages to the customers namely,

  1. The premium package which includes monitoring of SMS, BBM, Facebook and Whatsapp messages, iMessage, Snapchat, monitoring calls, the address book review, call logs and much more features which are standard in any spy software package. Other features include,
    1. Notification on keywords as and when they are used.
    2. Application management including installation, uninstallation, blocking, etc.
  • Modification to the software can be done remotely.
  1. The Extreme package on the other hand offers all the above along with some special features like cracking the password on the target user device, recording the calls and saving them for future reference and using the target phone for recording the surrounding sound.

What is so unique about Flexispy?

Almost every spyware will promise you that they can help monitor quite a lot of social media applications and messaging services. But with Flexispy, it is proved beyond any doubt by the package. The Flexispy does not just state that it can monitor 13 different messaging services in your target phone with the date and time stamp, but it also proves the same to you. The 13 services include Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Kik Messenger, FB messenger, WeChat, Blackberry messenger, Snapchat, Google hangouts, Twitter, etc.

The Face time spy cam is another aspect to watch out for in Flexispy. This will help you to spy on live conversations of your target user. All you need is to do a face time call from your special account which will automatically turn on the mic and camera in your target user’s phone or tablet enabling you to see and listen into the conversation. And there are no chances of detection as your id and your details will be hidden in the session on facetime by Flexispy.

Main features of using Flexispy

There are quite a few benefits one will enjoy by using Flexispy which includes,

  1. Easy installation and usage.
  2. Tracking of all kind of messages including 13 messenger services.
  3. Interception and recording of live calls
  4. Taking remote pictures and listening in on live conversations remotely.
  5. The data sent to your account can be accessed from any computer by logging in.
  6. All the call and text messages data are shared with full details on the sender, recipient, caller, contact information, etc.
  7. It works on both rooted and nonrooted android devices without any issue.
  8. The password grabber helps reading the keystrokes to find the password used by your target user for their different accounts from a remote location.

Other benefits with Flexispy

Apart from being a user friendly spy software package, with the latest monitoring features, it also comes with the many benefits exclusive to spy software.

  • Unrelenting support: Among the many things one asks for, support during the installation and working the software is a must. The Flexispy provides you 24 hour support for 6 days a week on chat and on mail. They take customer service very seriously and provide you with immediate solutions to all your software related issues. Apart from giving online support they also offer multiple video tutorials to help you with the installation and usage of the package.
  • Transferable license: It is quite easy to transfer the license between devices even if they are of different platforms with Flexispy. Let us say when you purchased the license you intended it to be for the Android phone but had to later change to an iOS phone. This is completely easy and simple to accomplish.
  • Money back offer: A very rare offer you would find these days in any product is the offer to refund your money if you are not satisfied. Flexispy offers you a 10 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its functions. It gives you the additional comfort to know that your money is safe until you are satisfied.
  • Languages: Another key factor that works in favor of Flexispy is that it supports multiple languages including Spanish, Italian, Thai, Deutsch, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese and of course English.

It is different to monitor a child or an employee but to monitor another adult purely for selfish reasons may not be deemed right under the law. Given the location of the company and the features that they offer, especially the call intercept and recording, you have real value for money deal in your hands with Flexispy. If you look at the many different spyware companies in the market, you would find that Flexispy leads them in miles for its pricing, advanced monitoring features and of course support system.